21-500 Biała Podlaska

ul. Kraszewskiego 1

tel. 083 3433812

e-mail kraszak@bialapodl.pl

We are a good choice

The First High School in Biala Podlaska, bearing the name of J.I.Kraszewski (I Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Józefa Ignacego Kraszewskiego) is located in Kraszewskiego Street in Biała Podlaska. The mark of the school is not only a 400-hundred-year-old tradition and the name of a famous writer as the patron, but also a very high level of teaching. It may be proven by a very high average grade of the school and the amount of graduates getting a place at universities. Our school is a UNESCO Associated School. One of the constant ceremonies in the school's calendar is the Patron's Day dating March 19, i.e. the name day of the Patron. This festival constitutes a perfect occasion to popularize the artistic work of J.I.Kraszewski. It also allows some students to present their literature, vocal and acting gifts in the form of original interesting and full of humour performances. One of the school's traditions is also presenting the best graduates with the statue of Kraszak. The time spent at school passes by according to the rule: In a sound body, a sound mind.

We possess:

  • an indoor swimming pool
  • a modern gym
  • a running track, a football field and a tennis court

On the initiative of the Parent Council, each month the National Philharmonic Orchestra give a performance showing our students the music of different styles and countries. Thanks to modern computer labs, we are able to communicate with the world via the Internet. The Student Board organize a lot of interesting events, such as discos, rock concerts and charity actions. The students with acting talents have a chance to develop their skills in the theatre group "No Name".

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